1. Italian Tax Dodgers

One enterprising man in Italy was looking to get away with more than a little fraud when he sold his Sardinian villa. He told the Guardia di Finanza, who controls taxes, that he’d sold it for 280,000 euros. The Guardia were suspicious and decided to look it up on Google Earth. When saw the size and the fantastic location of the villa, they knew something has to have been hidden somewhere along the line. Eventually, they discovered the actually selling price was so large that he owed more than 7 million euros in back taxes. The villa was perhaps an unfortunate choice for such a scheme. It was easily identifiable because it’s been described as a phallic-shaped swimming pool on the grounds. Well, if you’re going to be telling that big a lie right to the tax man’s face, it may well be that you need to find an extra pair from somewhere!