1. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid needs to stick to modeling. Her American Music Awards co-hosting gig fell absolutely flat. It was very awkward and downright painful to watch. Not to mention her impression of Melania Trump wasn’t as funny as Gigi Hadid’s attempt at trying to be funny.

Gigi Hadid was part of the original Taylor Swift Girl Squad. People either love them or them, no in between. Unfortunately, Santa overhead his elves discussing some of the social media antics of Taylor Swift’s girl squad and doesn’t really care for them. Her racy Love Magazine Advent calendar was shown to Santa by one of the elves. Santa wasn’t too impressed. He also saw her Twitter post where she called her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, “half-Middle Eastern.” Wait, what, Gigi Hadid? Poor Gigi. She won’t be getting that pony she asked for this year. Maybe next year, Gigi. Maybe next year.