1. Jar Jar Binks

Disney would love Jar Jar Binks in theory. He was supposed to be a lovable characters who kids would all flock to. And to their credit, when marketing the film, there wasn’t any issue trying to get kids to love Jar Jar Binks. However, the character was a complete waste of time and really wasn’t worth the investment. He was a good character to have in as a cameo to help the Jedi as they need him. Yet he stuck around and appeared several times afterwards and turned into a running joke about how awful he is.

There was a hot fan theory that had Jar Jar Binks tapped as a possible Sith Lord that was infiltrating the Jedi for years and the might’ve been the man pulling the strings in the new universe. It’s a weird theory that no one really has really taken to serious. If Disney has their way, they’d want you to forget about both his character, and the theory quickly. It’s unlikely he’ll ever show back up.