1. Similar to Punky Brewster

Kylie Jenner was photographed in 2009 while she was just 12-years-old. Her freckled face look was strikingly similar to the pop culture favorite, Punky Brewster. She doesn’t seem to have any facial makeup at all and lets her freckles be the star of the show on her unassuming and cute face. Her lips don’t even have a hint of any hue or gloss and it even seems like she’s had to forego on any chapstick as well, which she probably could’ve made use of since her lips look a tad dry. However, she does appear to have some dark black eyeliner on and possibly a few sweeps of mascara. Yet, it’s not overstated lashes like in her later years. However, it may be there, but is obscured by her full bangs. She’s seen wearing her hair in a center part and the banks are looking a little unkempt, yet she seems to be able to pull it off since she’s super young in the photo.